Hestocon Certification Services B.V. (HCS) is a Technical Service designated by the RDW, Type Approval Authority of The Netherlands. We provide homologation services for type approvals of Automotive components and Vehicles of all categories.

European Certification

European vehicle certification system consists of EC / EU and UNECE type approvals.  EC / EU refer to the EU certification system and UNECE stands for Certification of Economic Commission for Europe. E / and e mark are the European conformity marks issued by the type approval authority (like RDW) that indicate that the products and manufacturing process (Conformity of Production: CoP) comply with relevant laws and regulations / directives. The tests can be witnessed by a Technical Services like HCS. Vehicles or automotive components without e/E mark certification can not be sold in Europe. 

HCS is door de RDW (typegoedkeuringsinstantie) aangewezen als Technische Dienst (homologatiebedrijf). Wij verzorgen uw goedkeuringsaanvraag (homologatie) voor Automotive componenten en voertuigen van genoemde categorieën.

Test Facilities

Fully equipped test facilities in Asia enable us to fulfil various test requirements.

HCS can also perform supervision (witness) tests at the manufacturer’s premises or at a third party laboratory, which gives the manufacturer’s freedom of choice in the testing location.